Lions, Bears and Wolves oh my!

What is Discovery Wildlife Park? Only the most exciting wildlife facility that you will ever visit! What do we do that is so different?  We provide “forever” homes for orphaned wildlife and any zoo animals that are in need of a home!  Daily presentations with our amazing animals definitely makes us unique in the zoo world.

Meet Our Family!

Monkeys, bears, lions, wolves, raccoon, – even cougars all call Discovery Wildlife Park home. Come to watch, be amazed and befriend our animal family.


Our training is another aspect of our facility that sets us apart from the rest. Training is not solely for the benefit of our visitors. Training is one of the highest forms of enrichment that animals in captivity can receive. Daily interaction with their trainer provides additional stimulation to their day. The mental and physical challenges of learning new behaviours is very rewarding for each animal. It helps keep them happy, healthy and most importantly, interested in life! Training reduces boredom and lethargy, two issues which create problems for the animal and their caretakers.

Training also enables us to care for the animals more efficiently and with less stress. They are trained to voluntarily present their paws or open their mouths for physical examinations and to lean up to the fence to receive injections or provide blood-draws. All of this reduces the stress that is normally associated with certain medical procedures and reduces the need for sedation for such minor wellness checks.

Orphaned Animals

Create a bond with our animals here at Discovery Wildlife Park!  Many of them have come to us as orphans from the wild and quite a few from other zoos which have closed.  There are also a few that were unwanted pets, but whatever reason brought them to us, they are now part of our family.  We are dedicated to providing homes for animals that are in crisis.

About us

Discovery Wildlife Park is not funded by any government agency and is family owned and operated. Our funding comes from revenues generated within the park through admission fees, concession and gift shop sales, photo sales, sponsorships and donations. All revenues go towards caring for the animals by providing housing, feed and medical care. Your dollars spent here do not go to big administration costs or for high wages, they are put back into the park to ensure that each animal receives the best care possible.

Our goal is to provide our visitors the opportunity to bond with our animals and have a positive experience. Visitors leave with a greater understanding and appreciation of the diversity of life on our planet and, hopefully, the determination to do all they can to help conserve and protect all species and their habitats.

Our Zoo - Boy with TurtlePromoting conservation is what we teach, but we also incorporate what we teach into what we do. Our park is a showcase for recycling, reusing and reducing. Used materials have been utilized to build many of the parks buildings and exhibits, composting of organic materials is done regularly, recycling of plastics and cardboard is also incorporated into our daily routine.

Balancing out the educational portion of our park is the fun! Having fun while learning is a great way to educate people. Bring out your family for a day and enjoy the close-up interaction with many of our personable animals. Keepers are available to talk about the animals and to answer any questions that you may have.

In August of 2009, world renowned animal conservationist, Jack Hanna, visited Discovery Wildlife Park.  He was so amazed and enthusiastic about what our Park was doing as far as caring for and training our animals that he dedicated an entire half hour episode of his TV series, Jack Hanna’s Into the Wild, to showing what we do to his viewing public.  The episode was so well received that it ranked #2 in Jack Hanna’s Top Ten Bear Encounters.  Mr. Hanna and his wife Suzi, remain enthusiastic supporters of Discovery Wildlife Park!

When you visit you will find many amenities for you and your family. Golf cart rentals, family room, a full concession and gift shop are there for your convenience and comfort. Our friendly staff will do all they can to ensure that your visit is outstanding!

Discovery Wildlife Park

A family adventure awaits!

Discovery Wildlife Park is the place to learn about animals and to learn to appreciate their beauty and diversity.  Our family looks forward to meeting you and your family.

Visit soon – Visit often!